The Tennessee Runoff Reduction Assessment Tool (TNRRAT) was designed to help engineers, landscape architects, and other designers to create successful permanent stormwater management designs that protect water quality and meet the Tennessee MS4 Permanent Stormwater Permit requirements.

This series of four videos is designed to provide the background required to run the TNRRAT to create basic designs. The series begins with the TNRRAT science background, continues with how that science is applied in creating a design, describes some of the operation of the tool itself, and finally walks you through several basic designs to provide experience in using the TNRRAT.

Though this series provides the necessary information to use the TNRRAT at a basic level, you are encouraged to take advantage of additional training opportunities to develop a better understanding of the TNRRAT and have access to its advanced features.

The most recent TNRRAT download is available using the TNRRAT button, and selecting the available pseudo installer.

It is expected that more videos dealing with specific questions will be added to this as the needs become apparent.

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Basic 4. Design tool use